The Gracie Diet Book

"Without question, our diet is more important than our jiu-jitsu," says Rorion Gracie, the author of the book.

Bitte beachtet, dass dieses Buch in englisch ist.

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Book Details: Paperback, 5"x7"


Foreword by Pedro Valente, M.D vi 
Introduction viii


Chapter 1: Your Diet IS Your Life
Origins of the Gracie Diet 2
Your Diet Determines the Quality of Your Life 3
Dietary Decisions 4

Chapter 2: The Key to Good Health - Proper
Food Combinations
The Food Industry Isn't Interested in Your Health 8
Stories of the Healing Powers of the Gracie Diet 9
You Have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain 10
It's not What You Eat, It's What You Eat It With 12

Chapter 3: Where Are You Now?
Food is Everywhere! 16
Establish a Base Point 16

Chapter 4: The Hard Part - Changing
Your Eating Habits
Make Healthy Eating a Habit 27
Changing Habits Requires a Plan 28
Current Weekly Food Routine 29

Chapter 5: Getting Started
Three Steps to a Newer, Healthier, and Happier You 34
Your First meal on the Gracie Diet 37


Chapter 6: A Family Affair
The Power of Personal Example 44
A Quick and Simple Way to Kick the Junk food Habit 45
What to Do When Kids Demand Junk Food 46
The Ultimate Halloween Trick 46
How to win the Kids Over, One Bite at a Time 47
How to Inspire Your Loved Ones 47

Chapter 7: Beyond the First Three
Phases of the Gracie Diet
Don't be Afraid to Ask for the Best 49
Your Guide to Food Combinations 50
The Gracie Diet Table 51
Fasting 56

Chapter 8: The Gracie Diet on the Go
How to Eat Healthily When You're on the Run 60
Learn the Gracie Diet Food Selection Process 61
How Well do You Know the Combinations? 62
Real Life Examples Drawn from the Menus of Popular Restaurants 67

Chapter 9: Tips for Losing Weight
How Dieting helps You to Acquire The Gracie "Iron Will" 76
Calorie Control 77
Play This game at Your Next meal 78
A Surefire Way to Burn Fat 78
Managing Your Carbohydrates 79
Protein Sources 79
Critical Fat Facts 80
How to Lose Weight and Still Occasionally Enjoy Alcohol 81

Chapter 10: The Role of Exercise
Make it Fun 85
Start Simple 86
Keep Climbing 86

Chapter 11: The Final Round
Tips and Reminders 89
The Gracie Diet 14-Day Meal Plan 92
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